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Thank you for the fruity bouquet of Tropicana! The order was made in the city of Ulyanovsk, delivered on time, the bouquet corresponded to the description and photos on the site! Beautiful and tasty)
I ordered a bouquet of dried fruits for a friend. Anya responded very quickly, listening to all my wishes and adding her creative views by adding flowers and leaves. It is felt that Anna is a professional and, moreover, loves her job, it was very pleasant to communicate. The result is a wonderful bouquet. I RECOMMEND this company to everyone, I hope I will apply again, they work efficiently, professionally !!!
Thank you very much Elena for the wonderful bouquet of dried fruits "Benefit". I ordered it to my aunt for her 85th birthday. The bouquet exceeded all expectations, Elena took into account all the wishes in the design and delivered it on time! The birthday girl was delighted !!! Nice to deal with professionals !! Pleases a chic assortment on the site. So for delicious bouquets only to you !!!
I ordered a bouquet of dried fruits "Benefit" as a gift. Thank you very much, everything was very professional, prompt and polite. You delivered not just a bouquet for your grandmother, you brought her great joy! I am very glad that I found you!
There is a real diamond in the city of Novorossiysk, and I call her Alena! She works in the "There is a bouquet" company. In a few hours she managed to help us - last night, after endless searches, by some miracle I went to the information about the firm "There is a bouquet" and the wonderful Alena collected us a magnificent, original, large and beautiful bouquet of snacks for our dear dad for his eightieth birthday! My brother and I live in Yekaterinburg, we wanted, at least not at a distance, to surprise and please the hero of the day. We did it! Every little thing was agreed, all our wishes were taken into account, the bouquet was shown in the photo and in the video, in Alena's hands for the scale, the presentation was agreed and a photo of the person presented with the bouquet was received! Today, all day long we hear enthusiasm and stories about how and what, about how they brag to friends and all acquaintances, and how they regret that they have to sit at home, alone, before the second vaccination, without guests, and cannot eat with friends all these delicacies "from the bush," as dad put it.
Thank you for your attentiveness to customers, responsiveness, for the mood that you create with your unique works! You help out even in a seemingly hopeless situation when a gift for a dear person is very urgently needed. Your bouquets always attract attention and delight! I wish you success in your business.
Thank you very much, Marina, for such a wonderful cheese bouquet for the anniversary !!!!! The order was completed and delivered on time !! The cheese and grapes were fresh, delicious !!! Well done !!! The hero of the day was delighted !!!!! (I could not even think that such a thing happens :)) You are the best !!! Keep it up!!! I wish you success and happiness !!!
Once again, Elena exceeded all our expectations and made a bouquet of extraordinary beauty for our mother on March 8! Soon it’s our birthday and we will definitely entrust the creation of the bouquet only to Elena Thank you very much again
Wonderful bouquet. Very happy !!! The bouquet is wonderful! Responsible approach to clients !!! Now I am your regular customer)! I wish you success and prosperity!
This is not the first time I order a bouquet from you. This is a very unusual and beautiful gift for different occasions. The bouquets are collected with soul and love for their work! Thanks for the wonderful gifts for loved ones! Good luck in your business!
I want to express my deep gratitude to Elena for her patience and beautifully executed bouquets for our men on February 23! bouquets of insane beauty, with the freshest products! will definitely order more !!!!
I would like to thank Lenochka for a great gift for my son, collected as soon as possible. It was delivered earlier than the specified time. Everything is fresh and tasty. Thanks to her for such a job. If I have to turn to her, I will certainly turn to her.
Elena, thank you so much for the emotions delivered! I needed a gift for the manager on February 23rd. Everything went at the highest level! very efficiently, competently and beautifully. The recipient is very happy! A bouquet of dried fruits is divine!
Thank you very much for the delivery, I ordered a bouquet to my husband by February 23, the bouquet turned out to be very beautiful, delicious, all my wishes were studied, everything was organized quickly and efficiently, thank you, you are now my favorites!
Excellent organization of the store !!! Employee Elena advised by phone, was polite, prudent and took into account all our wishes. Delivery on the day of ordering, the bouquet of nuts itself is beyond praise, perfectly packaged and made the birthday girl very happy))) Considering that the prices for the bouquets are not high, I will definitely order and recommend to all my friends. Thanks for the great service to all the staff and management !!!!
I would like to express my deep gratitude to your company, namely Marina in Tyumen for the delivered bouquet of dried fruits and nuts. Our grandson was delighted to receive a gift from the south. The bouquet is beautiful and delivered on time. Good luck and prosperity.
I ordered a bouquet of crayfish for my husband's birthday! It turned out to be a super gift! Crayfish are juicy and tasty. The husband was delighted. This is my first order and it met all expectations. Thank you very much!
Thank you very much for your bouquets! This is not the first time I order. I am in another city, and you always help me out if I want to make a gift to my relatives in Cheboksary. Delivery is always on time, fruit bouquets are just wonderful! Thank you!
Thank you for the beautiful and delicious bouquet! Everyone was delighted, and the birthday girl especially
Thanks for the nice bouquet! Everything is very clear, the bouquet is beautiful and delicious. I was especially pleased with the personal approach: they made just such a bunch as they wanted.
We took a bouquet "Papaya" of dried fruits and pomegranate for the director's birthday. The director was delighted - extraordinary beauty and useful))) looks exactly like the photo on the site. Thanks to Julia for the promptness, skill and patience)))
Just super made quickly and most importantly, I agreed beautifully with them about the design and affordable prices, order just super.
I ordered a bouquet of crayfish, a very tasty and unusual gift! Crayfish are fresh, juicy. We were also given the broth in which they were boiled, for spices, just what we need! Many thanks!
Thank you so much for the bouquet! I ordered my mom for her birthday! Full delight! I was especially pleased that the bouquet was assembled in the shortest possible time, but at the same time all the wishes of the customer were respected! I rarely see this level of service! Thank you! It is immediately evident that Elena loves her job and collects gift bouquets with a soul!
I would like to thank you. Everything was very professional, from the first communication and discussion of the future order to the receipt of the order. The bouquet turned out to be magnificent, beautiful! I wish the firm prosperity! I will definitely contact you again.
On behalf of our entire team, I express my deep gratitude to Elena for the original and stunning bouquet of dried fruits for our leader. Elena very carefully and promptly prepared the bouquet, delivered it herself. It took only a few hours from registration to receiving the order! The bouquet made a real sensation! Elena, thank you so much! You are super!
I want to thank you for the wonderful bouquet, collected in the shortest possible time! Polite and responsive Elena made a strawberry bouquet for her friend, the whole company was delighted!
Irina Valerievna, thanks for the bouquets, very beautiful !!!))) Promptly, efficiently! Excellent!
Super bouquet, thank you very much
I want to express my gratitude!!! I am far away, there is no way to congratulate a loved one. By some miracle, I stumbled upon Elena's page and was extremely surprised! Not only did Elena do everything in the shortest possible time, she picked up everything I needed, was extremely attentive to the product (my grandmother loves dried fruits, but she can no longer chew hard ones). After 15 minutes, my grandmother calls me, loudly smacking her lips with gratitude !!! She really liked the bouquet of dried fruits !!! And Elena won over me with her competence and efficiency !!!


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