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Franchise " Eat Bouquet"

We are among the TOP 100 best franchises in Russia, thereby showing a high level of work with our partners, organizing their competent and productive work.

Description of the franchise
The franchise of the federal network "Eat Bouquet" is one of the best small business franchises in the country, it is not only a great opportunity to provide yourself and your family with a good income, but also an opportunity to grow into a large and stable company. Most of our partners open boutiques for creating edible bouquets after a while and continue to grow, developing their company, other partners use the "There is a Bouquet" franchise as an opportunity for additional earnings. Edible bouquets are a new and actively developing business with good profitability. One of the main advantages of our franchise is a quick start and getting the first profit in 10-14 days after training. We work with you on a turnkey basis, opening an individual entrepreneur or LLC (if necessary), proper customer processing, training in creating bouquets, implementing an automation accounting system, creating and configuring social networks, organizing sales and much more. We know how to organize a constant flow of customers and ensure predictable growth

Now few people will be surprised by a bouquet of flowers, but you can surprise with an edible bouquet, and such a gift will be remembered for a long time. Interest in edible (fruit, vegetable, fish, etc.) bouquets is growing every day and with the right organization of this business, it will bring a wonderful income to its owner.
Our cities of presence
We are already working in 40 cities! Of these, 33 cities have already been launched, and 12 are preparing for launch

The cost of the franchise
$5 000
Net profit before $4 000
Start-up investments before $500 - $1000
Royalty-absent for the first 6 months, then $100 month

Franchise structure
1. A starter kit of tools and materials (delivered by courier)
2. Training in creating bouquets with a mentor
3. Training on Instagram promotion and management
4. Sales training, what and how to tell the client
5. Assistance in registering an individual entrepreneur (if required)
6. Creating a website in your city
7. Connecting to private chats for franchisees
8. Transfer of applications from the official website

The average cost of a bouquet is $80
Average number of orders per day from 1 to 5 pcs;
The number of orders during peak holidays is 50-80 orders per day.

Orders and marketing support
We will work together with you for the result, we will use only the most effective sales channels. For a long time, we have tested more than 30 sales channels and identified the most effective ones, conducted deep analytics and many dozens of experiments, this allowed us to find the best approaches to product promotion and providing the company with orders. We will help you organize sales for both individuals and legal entities.

Our specialists will constantly work on the recognition of your company in your region. Promotion specialists constantly work with the regional sites of our partners and make sure that a large number of customers come to them. In private chats for franchisees, we constantly publish announcements of new videos that we create for our partners, where we tell a lot of useful information on doing business and creating bouquets. Our florists are constantly coming up with new bouquets, taking into account modern trends. For all new bouquets, we

Franchisee Development Program
Our program for the development of our partners is divided into different stages, so that you understand the composition of the program and what we will teach you, we offer you to get acquainted with the content of our program. We have recorded a lot of video lessons for you, where we show and tell you in detail what to do and how to do it. Also, the founders of the company themselves will be your personal curators. During the training, you will have several mentors who will be side by side with you, they will help you in all the nuances of the business.

The program consists of lessons and materials:

1. Creating bouquets:
Sweet, fruit, cheese and sausage, a bouquet of dried fruits, marshmallows, fish, cheese, strawberry, berry, chocolate, nut, Easter, hamburgers, crayfish, kinders and much more. You will learn how to create all these bouquets and many others.

2. Life hacks for creating bouquets
How to open a pomegranate, how to fasten grapes, vertical fastening of a bottle, how to open a coconut, working with flowers, 4 types of bouquet packaging, how to fasten berries, communicating with a client, purchasing materials and products, correct photos of bouquets.

3. Instagram
Making a profile header, how to use the archive of posts, how to edit text, how to apply a logo to photos, how to transfer an account to a business profile, launching targeted advertising, how to run Instagram, topics for posts, how to make stories, how to find bloggers, publics, how to design icons for stories, photo processing through the Snapseed application

4. Marketing
Methods of business promotion, communication with the client, pricing, delivery, letterhead, watermark for photos, KP, contract for legal entities, invoice for legal entities

5. Business
Opening of a legal entity, automation, reporting, stages of a system business

And many more interesting things that will help you effectively develop your business and build a dream company!

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