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For the director

What to give for a holiday
$ 2 800
What to give for a holiday
$ 3 500
Sweet fantasy
What to give for a holiday
$ 3 500
What to give for a holiday
$ 3 600
mr jack
What to give for a holiday
$ 4 000
Fruit composition Tropic
What to give for a holiday
$ 5 885
What to give for a holiday
$ 6 000

Choosing a gift for the director is a responsible and important occupation. Traditionally, for the holidays, it is customary to give a bouquet of flowers to the manager, but the gift can be more original. Such a gift, in addition to a bouquet of flowers for the director, can be an edible bouquet for the director.

If you do not know whether to give a bouquet to the manager of roses or to present another, more original present, pay attention to sweet and salty bouquets of products. A large selection of such bouquets is presented in our catalog.

Our advantages
The bouquets made by our food florists are distinguished by the following characteristics:
- original design;
- high quality products;
- reasonable prices;
- convenient delivery.

What can we offer
The bouquet for the boss, depending on his preferences, can be either sweet or salty. Sweet bouquets to the head may contain fresh berries and fruits, chocolates and chocolates.

However, the man's bouquet for the director is usually salty. Salty bouquets to the head can consist of cheese and sausages. Contact us and we will help you decide on the choice of a gift.

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