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Birthday girl 30 years old

What to give for a holiday
$ 2 800
Romantic mood
What to give for a holiday
$ 3 200
What to give for a holiday
$ 3 500
Berry fantasy
What to give for a holiday
$ 4 500
Strawberry Story
What to give for a holiday
$ 5 500
What to give for a holiday
$ 5 500

A bouquet of flowers for a 30-year-old girl is a classic gift given on such an anniversary. But if you want to show originality and give a non-standard present, you can order the birthday girl an edible bouquet.

Bright and original bouquets of fresh berries and fruits, chocolate and chocolates can decorate any holiday and any celebration, including the celebration of the thirtieth anniversary.

Our company is engaged in the production of edible compositions that pleasantly surprise not only with their taste, but also with their unusual design.
We make bouquets using the highest quality products. You can order a bouquet from us, taking into account the preferences of the birthday girl. An edible bouquet will be a wonderful sign of attention and will emphasize your special attitude towards the birthday girl.

Our advantages
By ordering a bouquet for a 30-year-old girl from us, you get:
- an original composition of fresh and high-quality products at an affordable price; - convenient delivery to the specified address.
We create compositions that differ in their original appearance and taste characteristics.
The color range of bouquets is varied - from delicate light tones to rich bright red.

You can present an edible bouquet in person or order delivery directly to a birthday girl - this is a great solution if, for example, you are away. By contacting us, you can emphasize your special attitude towards the girl, show care and attention with the help of a gift made by our food store specialists. In addition, an edible bouquet is a great gift from a company (for example, from colleagues).

What we can offer
We have a large selection of edible compositions, among which you can choose the one that suits you.

A sweet bouquet will be a good solution for a 30-year-old girl - it's no secret that girls love sweets.

Such a bouquet may include the following products:
- several types chocolate;
- Raffaello sweets;
- marshmallows and marshmallows;
- fresh fruits and berries.
An edible bouquet can be supplemented with fresh flowers, a postcard or other details, according to your wishes ...

Any girl, regardless of her status and social status, will be happy with such a bouquet.

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