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Birthday girl 20 years old

What to give for a holiday
$ 2 800
Romantic mood
What to give for a holiday
$ 3 200
What to give for a holiday
$ 3 500
Berry fantasy
What to give for a holiday
$ 4 500
Strawberry Story
What to give for a holiday
$ 5 500
What to give for a holiday
$ 5 500

Anniversary is a significant date that we always celebrate in the circle of our closest people. Each anniversary is unique and has its own characteristics. So, 20 years is the age of hopes, vivid impressions and emotions.

It is at this age that creativity and an unconventional approach to familiar things are especially appreciated, therefore, if you want to please the birthday person or the birthday girl with an unusual gift, order a bouquet for 20 years from food florist №1.

Our company is engaged in the production of edible bouquets of sweets, berries, fruits, dried fruits, cheeses, sausages and other products. Delicious and original, such bouquets look festive and unusual.

Our advantages

Eat Bouquet is a leader in the production of edible bouquets. We create original compositions using high quality fresh products. By contacting us, you get:

  • a bouquet of products with an original design;
  • high-quality executed order within the agreed time frame;
  • convenient delivery.

With us, you can choose an edible bouquet in your preferred color scheme - it can be delicate white and pink tones, bright red colors, or multi-colored compositions..

An edible bouquet will pleasantly surprise a birthday person or birthday girl with its appearance and taste. In addition, it will definitely remain in the form of a pleasant memory in the family photo album.

We value our clients and carry out orders in strict accordance with your wishes and preferences. We are chosen for the quality of our work and individual approach.

What can we offer

Our company offers a large selection of edible bouquets from a wide variety of products and ingredients..

If you need to choose a bouquet for a 20-year-old girl, the following compositions may be good options:

  • bouquet of chocolate and chocolates;
  • bouquet with airy marshmallows;
  • bouquet of fresh berries;
  • fresh fruit bouquet.

The composition for the anniversary can be complemented with fresh flowers, postcards, a soft toy or any other detail according to your wishes. If you need a bouquet for 20 years of wedding, you can also choose an original composition, sweet or salty. Such a bouquet will emphasize your originality and attitude towards the heroes of the occasion, will become a bright and memorable element of the celebration.

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